Common or Botanical?

While most people speak of trees using common names, this can lead to confusion as some common names refer to more than one tree, depending on its origin. Likewise, the same tree which grows in several different areas can have several common names.

For this reason, the botanical naming system was developed. It is well worth the effort, and helpful when visiting a nursery, to try to find the botanical name for the tree you are seeking.

However, we at Cascades Nursery understand this is not always easy, and so we list our trees with both common and botanical names to help you find the tree of your choice.

Finding Us

When travelling from Canberra, follow the Hume Hwy to Gundagai, then Gocup Rd to Tumut, follow signs to Tumbarrumba and then Batlow Rd to Batlow.

From Albury direction, Hume Hwy to Little Billabong turnoff, thru to Rosewood then follow signs to Tumut until a sign to Batlow.

Cascades Nursery

1 Forster RoadBatlow, NSW 2730
Ph / Fax: 02 6949 1268

About Us

Cascades Nursery is situated in Batlow, a small town at 800 metres elevation on the western side of the Snowy Mountains in NSW, and is owned and operated by husband and wife team - Manda and Ian McCorkindale. We are unique in the retail industry in  that we are not solely buying and selling plants - much of what we sell we actually grow, what we don't grow we source locally or from similar climatic regions, and then grow them on in the sun and wind and the frost to 'harden' them up. This allows us to be price competitive and also means that we can carry a range of trees virtually unseen in any single retail outlet. 

We offer a tree for every spot with advice to match.

Tough hardy trees to beautiful and tender. Available young in 20cm pots through to semi advanced and advanced trees.

Ourlargest containers/bags are portable and can be handled without needing to hire specialized machinery.